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Group 2 – Vedan | Report | Nguyen Minh Hung – Bui Ngoc Minh Tam – Vo Chi Cong | |

Case Summary

A technical survey briefed to local government leaders and representatives of Vedan Vietnam on December 7 concludes that the Taiwanese MSG maker caused eighty to ninety percent of the pollution of the Thi Vai River east of HCM City, according to accounts in VietNamNet and other newspapers. Vedan has reportedly refused to sign off on the report.

Nearly fifteen months after Vedan Vietnam was detected discharging large quantities of untreated liquid waste directly into the Thi Vai river, researchers from the HCM City Institute of Environment and Natural Resources (IENR), representatives of farmers in Dong Nai and Ba Ria-Vung Tau provinces and HCM City, local officials and Vedan’s top managers met on December 7 to hear a technical assessment of damage to the river attributable to Vedan’s operations.

In this meeting, closed to the press, researchers reportedly held Vedan responsible for eighty to ninety percent of the industrial pollution found in water samples. IENR’s Bui Ta Long said that water samples collected from February-April 2008 indicated that Vedan Vietnam discharged more than 100,000 cubic meters of waste water into the river every month.
The area impacted by Vedan-sourced pollution extended for ten kilometers along the Thi Vai River. The river in this area was heavily polluted. The water there was black, stank and was deadly to all kinds of fish.

According to newspapers, the Institute’s report states that at least 2700 hectares of aquaculture enterprises were affected by the pollution, some 2000 ‘severely,’ including over 2100 hectares in Dong Nai province and nearly 600 hectares for Ba Ria-Vung Tau.

The Environment Agency intends to convene another meeting on December 11 to unify official views on the extent of Vedan’s responsibility for…...

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