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SPAN OF PROJECT : WASHERMENPET TO EGMORE ( 5452.800m (up) and 5463.628m (down) )

A Detailed Project Report (DPR) relating to the Chennai Metro Rail Project was prepared and submitted by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) who have successfully designed and implemented the Delhi Metro Rail Project. The DPR envisages the creation of 2 initial corridors under the proposed phase-1 of the Chennai Metro Rail Project as shown below:

Corridor | Length | Washermenpet to Airport | 23.1 kms. | Chennai Central to St.Thomas Mount | 22.0 kms. | Total | 45.1 kms. |

The details of the two corridors are given below:

Washermenpet – Broadway (Prakasam Road) – Chennai Central Station – Rippon Building – along Cooum River – Government Estate – Tarapore Towers – Spencers – Gemini – Anna Salai – Saidapet – Guindy – Chennai Airport.

Chennai Central – along EVR Periyar Salai – Vepery – Kilpauk Medical College – Aminjikarai – Shenoy Nagar – Annanagar East – Anna Nagar 2nd avenue – Tirumangalam – Koyambedu – CMBT – along Inner Ring Road – Vadapalani – Ashok Nagar – SIDCO – Alandur – St. Thomas Mount.

The portions of Corridor-1 with a length of 14.3 kms. from Washermanpet to Saidapet, and Corridor-2 with a length of 9.7 kms. from Chennai Central to Anna Nagar 2nd Avenue will be underground and the remainder elevated. The alignment and stations given above are tentative and subject to change during detailed design and execution.

In this UAA 01 is one of the package, contractor for this package is Transtonnelstroy – Affcons JV.

Underground stations
The metro rail underground stations span is normally 220m. There are many steps involved in the constructing of the underground stations. The steps involved are as follows;

* Acquiring the land * Barricading the area for construction * Guide wall (GW) * Diaphragm wall (D-wall) * Plunged-in column * Roof slab * Concourse slab * Base slab
These are the steps involved in the constructing of the underground stations

* Acquiring the land:
The land is surveyed first, then checked for the construction of the stations. In this stage the land where the station is going to be constructed is acquired from the people by the help of government. * Barricading the area for construction :
After the acquiring of the land the barricading works are started, the station is fully barricaded and the roads are diverted for the public. Only the workers should be inside the barricade, public are not allowed inside,

* Guide wall (GW)
The guide wall is built all over the borders of the stations, a guiding wall is nothing but a temporary outline before the construction of the diaphragm wall. Guide wall thickness is 1.05m and depth of 1.05m. This wall used to excavate without any errors for the D-wall.

* Diaphragm wall (D-wall)
The D-wall is the major part in constructing underground stations. The D-wall acts as a retaining wall for the station. It is followed be excavating 25 to 30 meters in between the guide walls with a distance of 5 meters in between each excavation. And, rebar cages are inserted in the excavations and concreting is done. This same procedure is followed and the D wall is constructed. While constructing D-wall Bentronite slurry solution is used to control the water table under the earth. This also ensures that sedimentation doesn’t occour.

* Plunged-in Column:
These plunged in columns act as columns for the station. The end of this column lies below the base level. The excavation method follows the method of excavation for D-Wall. The plunged in column acts as a temporary column for staions while constructing after it will become permanent column.

* Roof slab:
Roof slab is the top most layer of the underground staion. The roof slab will be car parking after the constructing of stations are done.

* Concourse slab:
The concourse slab is the center stage of the station. In this level people are allowed to get the tickets for metro rail, this concourse level have some rooms for the contol units of the station.

* Base slab:
The base slab or base level is the under most layer of the station. In this base level the platform slab is built.

Methods for constructing under ground stations
There are two methods followed in the Chennai metro rail construction, they are * Top down method * Bottom up method

* Top down method
The top down method is the different methods of construction where the station is built from top (roof level) to down (base level). In this method the roof slab is built after concreting the slab with openings for the excavators. The excavators sent through that opening ducts then it will start to excavate the soil till the concourse level. After this the same procedure used for the roof slab is used and it is applied to the concourse slab, same method for the base level to the base slab. The dewatering is very important for this method, so that the excavation can be easier. This method used for constructing all the underground stations.

* Bottom up method
Bottom up method is one of the different method of construction for stations, it is also called as cut and cover method. In this method STRUTS are used for the retaining, where D-wall used as retaining wall other method. The surface is fully excavated by the excavaters then the base slab work is done with columns, followed by concourse level and the roof level.This cut and cover or bottom up method used for the launching of tunnel boring machine.

Tunnel Boring Machine
The tunnel boring machine which is called as TBM is the machine which used to create the tunnelling for the metro rail. The TBM is like a train which have a rotary head in the front with 42 cutting blade discs to cut the surface for the tunnels. TBM will have gantries at the back of the head they are used to collect the mucks from the head sent to the conveyor and the conveyor will send it to the muck ships which is 12m3. The precast segments are kept at the back of the gantries, the hydraulic system used to hold the pre cast segments and fixed by a bolt there are 6 precast segments used to make one ring. There 16 different types of pre case segments used in the metro rail project based on the turnings of the tunnel.

The Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) Herrenknecht 710 & 711 and Robins are used in the package UAA-01. The Herrenknect 710 & 711 are german tunnel boring machines, Robbins are USA tunnel boring machine.
Controlling of TBM:
The tunnel boring machines are controlled by the TBM controller who will be inside the tunnel boring machine. The control unit room which will be available on the site area will always check the movement of the tunnel boring machines activity. The angles and turns are controlled from the control unit by commading the Engineer, the commands are based on longitudinal and latitudinal signals from the computer.


Tunneling is nothing but the constructing of tunnels, this is done by the tunnel boring machine. The tunnel boring machine will bore the earth then the precast segments from the gantries are fixed by using a bolt. There are six pre cast segments used to make one tunnel ring. Diameter of the tunnel is about 6.2 m. The distance between Washermenpet to Egmore is ( 5452.800m (up) and 5463.628m (down) and it requires 6566 T-rings. After completing the tunnel, grouting is done through the grouting holes. Grout is one kind of solution which is used for sealing the water leakage in the tunnels.
The mucks will be collected in the muck ships of 12m3 and these mucks are taken from the muck ships through crane and dispersed by the dipper trucks to the duckyard. The rail roads are done while constructing the tunnels for the gantries.

Day by day activity

* Day 1 - The first day was at Sri Ramlu park consultant office. Study of method statement about UAA -01 package.

* Day 2 - Mannadi station, The work in Mannadi station was completed upto the concourse level. The tunnelling work were completed fully below the base level.

* Day 3 - High court station, The work on the High court station was completed till the base level and the tunnel boring machine head was in cleaning and cutting head was in check up.

* Day 4 – Washermenpet metro station, this station is the starting station where the tunnel boring machine was launched. The work was almost completed till the base slap, platform slab and control rooms.

* Day 5 - Central park station, this station is the biggest station on the whole CMRL project which have eight entrance. The work was completed half D-wall, and the plunged in column work was undergone.

* Day 5 – Mayday park, this is not the station but this is a ventilator for the tunnels in UAA 01 package. The tunnel length is 1.1km and the work of the tunnels are fully done.

* Day 6 – Egmore station, this station was completed upto the concourse level. The excavation for the base level was undergone.

These steps followed till the 15th day of in-plant training.

In every work sites the first step is to ensure the safety of the site and the workers. Some of the main safety steps to be followed are.
1)Engineers and supervisor should insist on employees observing and obeying all rules, regulations and order as necessary for the safe conduct of works.
2) Give proper training on workers how to use the PPE’s (personal protection equipments) and give better quality safety equipments.
3) Sign boards must be used in work sites.
4) The work sites must be clean by placing debris, rubbish and waste in proper containers.
5) While placing ladders, Scaffoldings make sure it is placed in even surface.
6) Scaffolding must be tied to any permanent surface .
7) The diesel generators used for power generations must be totally covered.
8) Cables and wires should not be laid on ground.
9) The wires should be properly insulated.
10) The safety officer should always ensure the safety of the site by visiting it regularly.

The aim of a civil engineer is to plan and design various types of structures. This will not be possible unless he involves himself in ground oriented tasks. A project engineer is mostly responsible for implementing the structural design on ground. He needs to have depth of knowledge and fore sightness so that his project should not be stuck up for material scarcity, manpower, any special equipment or any other project related problem like requirement of dewatering in an excavation pit. This should be also theoretically covered along with practical orientation. So Chennai metro Rail Ltd,. taught me everything about their way of construction, which was really helpful to gain knowledge.…...

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