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Informal Influencers in the Workplace

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Patrick Blanchard has been hired by New York Bakery (NYB) as a consultant tasked with determining the atmosphere within the company in regards to initiating a new ERP software program. Given the past failure of the previous ERP, employee fears of job loss, and the previous bankruptcy and current restructuring, change management techniques from readings will assist in determining the best recommendations to assist in the transition to a new ERP software and regaining and growing employee trust with both company and management.


Blanchard faced many areas which resistance would be apparent.

Resistance to management
Resistance to idea of change – based on past track record
Organizational structure
Resistance due to lack of communication Lacey postulates “[In the unfreeze stage], the right style of leadership is paramount and transformations need to be led by a person who has a clear vision, a long term perspective, challenges the status quo, focuses on people and inspires trust. Bennis (1994) and Kotter (1996) emphasise that major change has to be led, rather than managed.” The

2. Based on the previous failure of ERP as it had to be customized for each department and for individual employees
Lack of communication - The objective was to move from a manual, paper-based monitoring and payment system to one that was automated by a single piece of software. For a company of NYB’s size and complexity, this was a monumental project. (P3) o Instillation of this software required a re-vamping of all work processes to adhere to “best practices” o Internal conflicts derailed the process – example,
• employees in the finance department refused to change the way they managed the monthly budgeting process. The finance managers downloaded spreadsheets emailed to them by different business units, assembled the monthly forecast,…...

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