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You got ball, “BREAK A LEG”
One glance at the assignment’s title and the first thing came to my mind, “What in the world is this?” Is it literally my lecturer wants me to organize a fist fighting sort of a competition where we challenge guys to fight with each other by kicking their guts out? My thoughts went wild and I start imagining Brad Pitt look alike guys flexing their well define sculpted body with sweat dripping from that crunchy abdominal muscles. The reality was far apart from my imagination. Yes, there will be guys involve. Yes, they will compete with each other and yes, they will even flex their muscles, but for a completely different reason. It’s a futsal competition! I was thrilled with this as it will be my first ever venture in organizing sports event. Moreover, the title of the event itself was so catchy that I was so eager to promote it. You got ball, “Break a Leg” merely means there is a ball in the court, “Good Luck”.
That very moment, I knew this event is going to be a challenge as I may end up with too much on my plate to chew. With all the weekends occupied in doing study revisions and weekdays by attending classes, I have to squeeze through whatever little time left to materialise this event. I was being very optimistic while carrying the entire task and this really helped to pull me through the muddy grounds when it was hard to decorate my every single step.

We started this assignment by conducting meetings. Meetings were held weekly with our advisor Mr. Dharminder. Meetings helped us in getting along with each other and finalizing details of the task in hand. We divided the responsibility and segregated into two main groups, one working to get sponsorship and the other working in organizing the event. Oh! By the way, I was elected as a secretary for the group taking down minutes of every meeting.
In the beginning we procrastinated…...

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