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Organization Development:
An Instructor’s Guide for Effective Teaching by Joan V. Gallos

Purpose of this Instructor’s Guide The purpose of this instructor’s guide is to support and energize individuals who use Organization Development: A Reader in their teaching – instructors who teach courses on organizational change, OD, the history of the field, leading change, consulting skills, and organizational effectiveness and health in undergraduate and graduate programs in management, the professions, and the administrative sciences, as well as those involved in professional development and corporate education activities. More specifically, this guide provides opportunities for both new and seasoned educators to learn more about (1) the possibilities in teaching about organizational change and development; (2) ways to design courses or successful learning modules for diverse student audiences using Organization Development; and (3) suggested cases, activities, and other support materials that complement use of Organization Development.

Overview of the Instructor’s Guide This instructor’s guide is divided into four parts. PART 1 provides an introduction to Organization Development: A Reader. It discusses the overall purpose and content of the book, the philosophy and central tenets that underpin it. PART 2 explores teaching with Organization Development. It contains chapter-by-chapter summaries and suggested ways to think about teaching various kinds and levels of OD and change courses. PART 3 provides a sample syllabus for a graduate-level change course, learning modules on consulting skills, teaching activities, and case suggestions. PART 4 summarizes sources for cases, films, videos, and other internet-based teaching materials.

How to Use This Instructor’s Guide This instructor’s guide is designed to provide something for everyone…...

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