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Invaluable Ethics: integrity, patience and virtue

1. Integrity- I feel that a person must live their life with integrity. Whether it is in their personal life or their professional life. It is important to live your life with the 3c’s, compassion, courage, conviction/confidence (Manning & Stroud, pg. 1). Living with integrity means that you have respect for others, you are honest, humble and that you build caring relationships throughout your life. There are 3 components to integrity, determining what is right, being motivated to do what’s right and having the appropriate emotional response to respond and not react (Manning & Stroud, pgs. 84-87). Integrity to me is doing the right thing when you think no one is watching, being fair, and standing up for what you believe in.

2. Patience- I find everyone should practice to be patient. However, sometimes it is difficult. I have adopted my sister in laws son. He is 5 years old now and has some developmental delays and behavior issues. I struggle sometimes with being patient with him. (he talks nonstop). However, I have tried to put people in his life that will be patient with him, such as his preschool teachers. He will be going to kindergarten this fall. To prepare him and the school we have matched him with a teacher with the most patience. Being aware how important patience is when interacting with him will prove to feed his spirit.

3. Virtuous- Being a virtuous person allows a person the ability to communicate his or her values to other people. A person of virtue has respect for themselves and others. They are honest, compassionate and courageous, all the characteristics needed to be an ethical decision maker both in their personal life and professional life.


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