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Interclean and Enviro Tech Merger

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InterClean and Enviro Tech Merger
HRM 548 - Recruitment and Retention Practices
August 5, 2013

InterClean and Enviro Tech Merger
InterClean, Inc. is a strong player in the $8 billion institution and industrial cleaning, and sanitation industry. For InterClean to become a major player and increase its profitability, it is vital for the company to evolve with the industry. InterClean is exploring ways to increase the service based division of the organization. With the recent acquisition of Enviro Tech and its personnel, InterClean can do just that. The company must consider, however, how to redefine sales staffing and customer service, as well as restructure the organization to achieve maximum profitability. With a strong strategy, InterClean can easily attain the sales goal of a 40% increase in profitability over the next year. Rightsizing, or downsizing, in an organization is always a difficult decision, even when it is the “right” decision. Before moving forward with any rightsizing efforts, InterClean should consider all options. Currently, InterClean has 45 employees, half of which have one year or less experience with the organization. With the acquisition of Enviro Tech, there are now an additional 50 employees, all of whom have 5 years or more experience. One option would be to absorb the Enviro Tech employees into the InterClean sales team, using their education and experience to assist with the development of the current employees. With 90% of the Enviro Tech staff excelling in Customer Services skills (University of Phoenix, 2013), the InterClean sales staff could benefit from the integration of the two teams and improve in an area identified as lacking. Integrating the two sales teams can help to eliminate the sense of alienation or “us vs. them” attitude associated with the merger. InterClean would need to ensure that a moratorium on hiring…...

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