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International Business Case Study End of Chapter 3

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International business Case Study end of chapter 3

9/17/12 1. Collectivism and individualism, democracy and totalitarianism, rule of law and rule of man: what do these concepts say about the IPRs of software and the legitimacy of its protection?
Software technology was facing problem of digital piracy. Software piracy is the illegal distribution and copying of software for personal and business use. In USA software is automatically protected by federal copyright law from the moment of its creation. US copyright act grants the copyright owner “the exclusive right to protect the copyrighted work” and to distribute the copies of it. According to US federal law copyright infringement is illegal and punishable. But worldwide software piracy is very high and the penalty is very less for it. Software maker, organization, companies have to bare billions of dollars losses every year.

2. Can the software industry control software piracy without government help? Why would it dislike greater government regulation?
Yes, the software industries do have the ability to control software piracy without relying on government. Companies like Adobe and Symantec took initiative to create awareness to public about the illegal copying of software’s. The other companies such as Microsoft also took initiative to control software piracy. They hired former federal and police investigator, stages software strings relayed information to prosecutors and took legal action against thousands of technologically illicit websites. On the other hand the Senate approved the Trade Promotion Authority which gave president more power to technology related trade agreement. Now the software companies will have less power with them as government will be in charge for negotiation. This however can slow down the technological development

3. How do you think consumers in wealthier countries…...

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