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Why does Internshala excite you? -

Not only me, it excites every student who is in a search of a internship. I think its the best platform where a student can explore where does he/she want to work , in which field he/she wants to work exactly. Also it has got some salient features like virtual lab, analytics ,resume & cv services, internship tips and stories which makes it unique and excites me

List down the various products and services it offers. -

It offers 1. A platform for various organizations and start-ups to hire interns to expand their market 2. In similar way a platform for student to work as trainee with start-ups, organizations to learn things, enhance skills 3. Internshala Virtual Training Centre offers a wide variety of online courses to students in fields web design, programming etc 4. Also provides career services like resume writing ,CV writing ,how to improve them, how to prepare for interview etc 5.Provide a chance to organizations to brand their product with Internshalla

Why should you be hired for this role?: -

With the good interactive and online networking skills I think i am appropriate for the job. I have got good connections in my college as well as outside so I think i would be able to promote and market your company

If selected, how will you promote & market Internshala among college students? Also list down(if any) college group/ fb page that your are admin of. Or if you hold any position of responsibility in T&P cell or Branch Council etc.: -

I would collaborate with student placement office(SPO) and start-up Internship placement portal (SIPP) of IIT Kanpur to include internships opening from Internshalla as well so that campus residents would get to know about internshalla. I would post various updates from internshalla on fb pages to promote you . I would introduce students to Internshala virtual lab I could act as an link for inter college festivals to promote their products via advertisement with you I am admin of following pages: Major Position of Responsibility: HALL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE I had been member of Hall executive committee as Films and Media Council Secretary for my second year which is responsible for maintaining infrastructure of hostel , handling budget , organizing intra-hall events and leading 600 Hall residents through various inter Hall competitions PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB COORDINATOR I have been currently working as photography club coordinator Leading the team of 15 secretaries from different Halls to give every student of campus a varied exposures in different genres of photography Organised summer workshops ,took institute level lectures…...

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