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Interview Paper for Early Realtionships

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TOPIC: Early Relationship or Exclusive Relationship
PURPOSE: To know what causes people to have early relationship.


1.) What is the reason why people have early relationship?
“Nowadays it’s really hard to avoid.”

“I think it’s because they don’t get the love they need from their parents.”

“They don’t feel love at home or they just need a partner in companion.”

“Young people nowadays are looking for attention and affection.”

“Because sometimes young people tend to get lonely; the lack of attention from parents as well.”

2.) Do you feel secure from having an early relationship? Why or Why not?
“Yes, because we love each other.”

“Actually, I think it depends on the person if he or she gives you the attention you need. You can actually feel secure if the person is actually serious about you.”
-Meredith Medina

“I think it depends on the person you are with. If he or she is secured with his or her loved one.”
-Natalie Roxas

“I feel secure because I felt the protection, attention and love I need from my boyfriend (the relationship I have now).
-Jelly Ann Relucio

“Yes because he or she lets you feel the attention you need, deserve. True love.”
-Alexis Marquez

3.) Is early relationship a hindrance to your studies and personal life? Why or why not?
“It depends. It can either serve as an inspiration or a gap to poison you not to study. In personal life, no. She is an inspiration. Because she helps me; motivates.”

“They can only be a hindrance if you let them be a hindrance. Because if you know how to manage your time and studies then there won’t be a problem at all, time management.”

“It would really depend on the person if they would let their partner ruin their studies. Because having a boyfriend doesn’t mean you have…...

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