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Intorduction to Programming Logic

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Introduction to Programming Logic

Phillip M. Ragland

June 20, 2016

Individual Projects Document

Noura Abbas

Individual Project 1

There are many steps and processes to consider when designing a website for a customer. Regardless if the customer is an individual or a large corporation, the steps and processes for designing a website are pretty much the same. Each website that is designed with similar specifications. However, when it comes to the design aspects of a website, it will differ greatly from customer to customer. Some of the cues that determine the design of the website are the intended purpose of the website, the intended audience of the website, and of course the desire of the customer it is being designed for.

Here are some basic steps and processes for the design of a website:

1). Gathering information from the customer

2). Planning

3). Design

4). Development

5). Testing and delivery

6). Maintenance (iDesign Studios, 2016).

The first step (phase) for designing a website is to gather information. When gathering information, you will need to ask a lot of questions. Question such as what id the purpose of the website? Who is the audience of the website? What is the intended accomplishment of the website? Many such questions as these will need to address. The next step (phase) is planning. During the planning step, you will use the information that was gathered during the 1st phase to begin to put together an established plan to build the website. The next step (phase) is the design phase. During this phase is where the design of the website is taken into great consideration. One of the key considerations during this phase is the target audience. For example, if the target audience will be teenagers, then the website design will be focused on appealing to teenagers.…...

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