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Intrenship Report on Recruitment & Selection System of United Commercial Bank Ltd

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1. Introduction:
The recruitment and selection processes of an organization are two of its most important HR planning activities. The basic purpose of recruiting is to ensure a sufficient pool of applicants from which the most qualified individuals may be selected. Effective recruiting is important because sufficient number of qualified applicants is needed to ensure that selection can be successfully accomplished.
1.1 Origin of the Report:
This report is a requirement of the internship program which is an important part of the MBA degree requirement. As the supervisor has advised me to develop a thorough understanding of the recruitment and selection processes of Prime Bank Limited (PBL), this report will be prepared on those aspects of the HR practices of PBL.
1.2 Objectives of the Study:
The objectives of this study will be: * To evaluate the current recruitment and selection policy and process of Prime Bank Limited. * To find out the weaknesses of the current policy. * To suggest improvements to the policy.
1.3 Methodology:
In the preparation of this report, data has been collected from both primary and secondary sources. In-depth interviews of some of the employees of the HR Division of Prime Bank Limited have been conducted to gather necessary information. Also, the Recruitment and Selection Policy of PBL has been consulted in preparing this report. Moreover, text books, the internet, the annual report of Prime Bank Limited etc. have been used to collect information.
1.4 Scope:
The scope of this study is only the recruitment and selection policy and processes of Prime Bank Limited.
1.5 Limitation:
The major limitation of this report is that some confidential information was not available for the purposes of this report.
2. Prime Bank Limited at a Glance:
Prime Bank was established in April 1995 by a group of visionary entrepreneurs.…...

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