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Investment Banking

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Why an “Unofficial
Guide to Investment
The aim of this guide is to give you a fresh view of investment banking. A brochure is helpful, but can read a little like a catalog.
We think you need to know what your life would really be like, challenging out-of-date myths and stereotypes, so you are able to make the most informed decision possible.
This is an honest look at investment banking and is based on the experiences of people just like you, who have now gone through the graduate program and come out the other side with blossoming careers. It is the inside story of investment banking written by analysts for graduates, and you won’t hear this tale anywhere else.
We’re going to tell you about all the divisions you could work for, what life’s really like for analysts and show you that there’s more to banking than pitch books, power lunches and pinstriped suits. And if you still want to go into banking once you’ve heard the inside scoop, we’ll tell you about how to get there and give you practical tips on interviews and applications. Oh and don’t worry if you come across words you don’t understand, you’ll find them in the “glossary of incomprehensible banking jargon”.
Happy reading and good luck!

Investment banks are among the largest and most complex organizations in the world. They serve many different types

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...Why have you chosen to apply to this particular role and why at Barclays?Barclays recruits graduates into four business areas: Investment banking Global markets Business functions Personal and corporate banking The business area There’s a description of the four divisions in the business areas section of the bank’s website. Read the one for your chosen division, but, as some descriptions are light on detail, it’s essential your research doesn’t stop there. Barclays Early Careers & Graduates channel on YouTube is a useful source of information. It features short videos in which potential and current graduate and student hires at Barclays discuss aspects of their chosen business area and role. If you have done a summer internship or spring week with Barclays, or met recruiters or employers on campus, reflect on the information about the business that you obtained before you begin your application. Making notes would be useful at this stage. The graduate programme Each graduate programme fits into one of the four business areas above. For instance, technology, finance, treasury and compliance roles come under business functions. It’s important that you familiarise yourself with Barclays’ business structure to get a better understanding of how you’d fit into the business if you were taken on. The business areas section of the website includes descriptions of the sub-divisions that graduates are hired into. Read the one that applies to you and check......

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...GET A JOB IN BANKING: The single most important thing you can do is to talk to as many people as you can. Talk to bankers and second years at SOM, learn about their experiences and views, and above all think for yourself. Getting a job in investment banking should involve two efforts on your part: (1) Learning your own needs - what is it you want in a job? (2) Learning what an investment bank is and does - does this type of job meets your needs? As a final warning, there is an allure to investment banking, namely that it is a high powered, fast-paced, exciting, dynamic career that can make you rich. This can be true, but it is also just a job - particularly as a first-year associate when it may not be as glamorous as you thought it would be. QUALITIES THAT INVESTMENT BANKS LOOK FOR It is important to see yourself as a portfolio of skills and qualities conducting an internet job search as well as any other. There are a number of skills and qualities that banks look for, and a successful candidate needs to put together several, but certainly not all of them. Additionally, it is probably a good idea to have some balance in your portfolio. Some qualities that banks look for on a resume or in the interview and some suggested ways to demonstrate them (these are just a few, and some banks will emphasize some more than others): Show a strong interest in Finance:  Be able to convey to an interviewer/contact that you understand what investment banking is,......

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