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Is Change Necessary

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Is Change Necessary?
Jason Jacobs Is Change Necessary?
Is Florida crying wolf in his article “How the Crash Will Reshape America”? Not if you look at the state the economy is in today. In Florida’s article, he tells the reader that nowhere is safe in the United States in regards to the recession. However, his article is not all doomsday information, but an introduction to build from on how the people of this great nation can adapt and overcome this slump and rebuild the country into something better. Florida’s article lays out a few key ways the nation can adopt to start the transformation process into one that will continue well into the future. Two of the options; reducing home-ownership in favor of renting and encouraging growth in key areas have already begun to take place. Home-ownership rates have continued to fall since 2005 and do not look to stop anytime soon. In the latest statistics supplied by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Census Bureau, home-ownership rates are at 65 percent in the first quarter of the year; this level is equal to 1995 home-ownership rate. At its pinnacle in 2005, home-ownership rates reached 69.2 percent. This dramatic decrease is synonymous with the recession of 2008. While the home-ownership rate has decreased, the number of investors who buy foreclosed home increased; the idea behind this increase is the abundance of homes that may now be rented. The option of renting a home or an apartment today is seeing a lot of traction from the hard process of securing a home mortgage. Another key reason for the increase in renting is the changing business environment. The new buzz word today is cost conscious culture, a way to promote saving money. Many businesses are taking part in this by using rural sourcing; taking jobs normally done in expensive areas like New York and moving them to locations with less overhead. This option is gaining support and many new graduates are taking part in this venture. This has created many new jobs in the rural sector of the United States and many new employees are not buying housing but renting instead. Many of these new associates do not plan to stay with these companies forever in the rural environment, but use this as a stepping stone to bigger and better jobs in the near or distant future. This way of life does not work well with home-ownership from the possibility of selling homes when they are ready to leave and move on. This type of lifestyle is beneficial with the next option of promoting growth in key areas. Take a look at Omaha Nebraska; almost dead center in the United States. Add to this the city of Council Bluffs and the Missouri River and you have a hub that is viable to be a key growth area. Florida’s article “How the Crash Will Reshape America” calls for “mega-regions” to take care of the needs of the citizens. Omaha and Council Bluffs are one such area where growth continues to occur. Companies like Google are building data centers because it has the right combination of energy infrastructure, developable land, and available workforce (Google Data Centers, 2013). This availability of needs to support many companies is advertised by the metropolitan areas to a diverse group of business to hopefully entice them to build there. Cities have created groups whose sole purpose it to support Florida’s initiative in creating these large mecca locations.
The Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership, a combination of four organizations, works together to create a seamless integrations of resources and promotes significant economic progress in the Omaha and surrounding communities (Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership, 2013). Their mission is the attraction of new businesses to the area and has had success in their efforts with several Fortune 500 company headquarters calling Omaha home. By one account, if using the federal government's broadest definition of what constitutes a metropolitan area, a World-Herald analysis shows that Omaha is home to more Fortune 500 companies per capita than any major metro area in the nation. If you reduce the size of the metropolitan area, the ranking drops to third behind Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, Conn; New York City; and the Silicon Valley (Cordes, 2013).
These two options are necessary to begin the rebuilding process Florida discusses in his article “How the Crash Will Reshape America”. Today’s employers are moving their companies in the hopes of finding a more economical solution to create more wealth and capital. Finding places like Omaha and Council Bluffs are suitable to this requirement and will create a larger city base that will bring in more tenants. With the moving of companies in their search for a more economical venture has created a need for many to move around to find work thus creating the need for more rental opportunities. As the reshaping of our economy continues, the country will change drastically to follow these options and eventually pull the nation out of the recession.

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