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1. How is Google’s mission statement related to its business strategy?
Google’s mission is to make the world’s information universally accessible, demand products that support assistive technologies and provide a useful and enjoyable experience for everyone, including those with physical and cognitive limitations (Google, n.d.).

Google uses the Internet to make its’ products universally accessible. The value proposition for the Google user involves receiving free Internet tools and applications in exchange for viewing content relevant advertising. Google believes relevant advertising can be useful and enjoyable for the user (Google, nod.).

In order to increase revenue, Google must increase the number of places where it can display advertisements. Google continually creates new products which provide new advertising opportunities for Google. The advertiser is concerned with the amount of sales volume generated by the Google advertisement. Because a user is specifically searching for a topic when an ad is presented, Google advertisements are relevant to the user. When a user views a relevant ad, there is a greater likelihood that the user will purchase the product or service.

Google’s contribution to advertising relevance is the hybrid paid search ranking scheme which rank search ads based on the combination of bid price and click through rate. By adding click through rate, Google not only maximized income but also increased the relevance of those paid search ads (Moran, 2008).

2. How does Google’s information systems strategy support its business strategy?

Enterprise Alignment is defined by Fonstad and Subramani as IT and business managers working together to coordinate potential synergies across business units and local alignment efforts such as creating an efficient and effective shared IT infrastructure platform, developing common business…...

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