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Issc341 Quiz 2

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Part 1 of 1 - | 5.0 Points | Question 1 of 10 | 0.5 Points |
The Internet layer of the Internet architecture model: | | | | A. transmits datagrams over the attached network. | | | | | B. addresses and routes packets on TCP/IP. | | | | | C. accepts application-layer data and provides the flow of information between hosts. | | | | | D. interacts with the transport-layer protocols to send or receive data. | |

Answer Key: B | Question 2 of 10 | 0.5 Points |
What is Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol? | | | | A. A suite of protocols that allow computers running the same operating system to communicate | | | | | B. A suite of protocols that allow computers from different vendors with various operating systems to communicate | | | | | C. A single protocol that allows computers from different vendors with various operating systems to communicate | | | | | D. A single protocol that allows computers running the same operating system to communicate | |

Answer Key: B | Question 3 of 10 | 0.5 Points |
Which of the following protocols in the TCP/IP protocol suite is a connectionless network-layer protocol? | | | | A. IP | | | | | B. TCP | | | | | C. UDP | | | | | D. FTP | |

Answer Key: A | Question 4 of 10 | 0.5 Points |
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), used to translate Internet addresses into physical addresses, is used at which of the following Internet layers? | | | | A. Network access layer | | | | | B. Application layer | | | | | C. Transport layer | | | | | D. Internet layer | |

Answer Key: D | Question 5 of 10 | 0.5 Points |
Which process determines the path a packet will travel across a network? | | | | A. Mapping | | | | | B. Traveling | | | | | C. Routing | | |…...

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1 out of 1 points
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 | | * Selected Answer: | * True | | 1.TRUE | | | * * Question 2 

1 out of 1 points
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1 out of 1 points
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1 out of 1 points
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