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IT Infrastructure

Week 1 Lab Session – Packet Tracer

Packet Tracer is a very powerful but easy to use network simulator that allows students to design both logical and physical network topologies and simulate their performance.

This task is to build the logical topology shown below:


1. From the Packet Tracer device window (bottom left) select and place in to the main window the following devices:

Qty 4 3560 L3 Switches Qty 1 2811 Router Qty 1 Internet cloud Qty 1 Wireless Access Point (generic) Qty 3 2960 L2 Access layer switches Qty 2 Laptops Qty 5 PCs Qty 4 Servers Qty 1 IP Phone Qty 1 Printer

2. click on the relevant device and change its name to that in the topology diagram

3. Drag and drop wiring from the menu – use crossover cables (black dashed) to connect the switches together and straight through cables (solid black) for all other connections. You can connect devices to any suitable port.

4. Configure DHCP Server

The DHCP Server provides IP addresses to each network device that requests an IP address using dhcp.

From the desktop menu configure the following IP addresses:

IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: DNS:

From the Config menu select DHCP.

Configure the serverpool with the correct DNS and Default Gateway as above.

Set the start address IP address: and Subnet Mask

Save the configuration and make sure DHCP is turned on.

5. For each PC goto the Desktop IP configuration window and click on DHCP.

Each PC should now get an IP address from the DHCP server – troubleshoot as necessary.

6. Configure DNS Server

The DNS Server provides local name to address resolution services.

From the Desktop IP configuration…...

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