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File Management
In the company which I am employed, we have employees which access one file at a time. We offer any user to access the file at any time, but if a user already have the file open. He or she cannot make any changes to the file, until the primary user close the following file. This will protect the file from getting damage by other users, or other problems which may occur. When considering a system that supports 5,000 users. Suppose to only wanting to allow 4,990 of those users to be able to access one file can be accomplish in many different ways.
Access control list can provide a greater control over file permissions when traditional UNIX file permissions are not enough. UNIX file protection provides read, write, and execute permissions for three user classes: owners, groups and other. An ACL provides better file security by enabling you to define file permissions for the owner, owner’s group, others, specific users, and groups. It also enables you to define default permissions for each if these categories. Another protection scheme that can be used is the universe access information applies to all users unless their name appears in the access-control list with different access permission. With this scheme you simply put the names of the remaining ten users in the access control list but with no access privileges allowed.
A file system management system is essential when dealing with the issues of file access and other services in an operating system. Access is important in a business or organization because certain data is vital and not for the view of every user. Access control lists is a way to organized unique users or groups with special privileges granted by the assigned owner. Normally the only user with full access rights and the power to grant rights to others is the owner of the file created.…...

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