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Questions Part A: 1. Explain why data security is important.
Data is one of the most important resources an organization possesses. The data that a company holds can usually tell you anything you need to know about the company itself. This could be from a financial stand point or an inventory stand point. It contains all company contacts, vendors, etc…… Without having secured data, a company risks the loss of one of its most valuable resources. 2. Compare unauthorized data access with unauthorized data modification. Which do you think is the more serious issue? Explain.
Unauthorized data access has to do with someone who is not authorized gaining access to data. Unauthorized data modification is someone who is not authorized to do so changes, deletes or adds to data. 3. Explain why backup and recovery is important Backup and recovery is important to preserve the data and the database system. It provides the tool that is needed in case the unexpected happens. Disasters can come from more than a malicious attack. They can come from weather related activity or technological failure. It’s important to have the same data stored in more than one location and to frequently back that data up to make sure it is as current as possible. 4. What is data encryption and why is it important to data security?
Data encryption is the method of concealing the actual values of the data itself. This makes it difficult for anyone who may infiltrate the system to be able to decipher its actual content and, or connection to the company or its clients, customers, etc……. The obvious importance of this is to protect the information from attackers. 5. How does the physical security of company premises affect data security?
Attacks don’t just occur over a wired or wireless transmission. They can also occur physically. By designing a…...

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