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Data Structures for Problem Solving

IT 265 Discussion Board 2

Question 1) Describe a B-Tree implementation
When databases are used with a pointer s there is an indexing technique called a B-Tree.
Within this B-Tree structure all references to the data within as well as that can be accessed.
That is why data can be deleted easier and faster. At the bottom of the B-Tree is what is referred to as a node and the root is located on the top. The only way I can explain this, is by using a figure we all see every day. Look at a tree upside down, that is what we are talking about. The group that the B-Tree belongs too is called a self-balancing search tree. What this does is to automatically keeping the number of it levels in tacked. There is a few terms that we must know, key. A key is a value of data that is searched from an index. A rid is what is call or referred to as a record ID. The nodes are broken down in to two categories; those are referred to as internal index nodes and leaf nodes. The internal index nods stores each value of keys and page identifiers. The leaf node stores the actual keys.
Question 2) Explain the details of a binary tree

A binary tree is a data structure that was nodes that have two nodes called child nodes.

These nodes are located on the left and right side. On a binary tree the parent nodes was two

children nodes and that is the max for each parent. There are different types of binary trees and

some of them are called; full binary tree, rooted binary tree and complete binary tree just to name

a few.

Question 3) What are real world examples of tree implementations

One example that I can give is 3D games. There are many games out there and on many

different systems. Not only are there games on the WII or X-Box but there are becoming more

popular on media sites like facebook. How does it work, it stores documents in its memory so

you do not need to start over from the beginning, how nice is that.

Question 4) Describe the properties of a heap and provide a real world example of a heap

What is a heap? A heap is created when you are using a binary tree within a data

structure. The parent node is always greater than the child node or equal to it within the root

node. With all of this in mind it is referred to as the maximum heap. Regarding the children

within the heap it will depend on what type of heap it will become. The only example I can

think of is this, say there are four people living in a house and the agreement is to pay all the

bills. Once that happens then each person would know how much they would need to contribute

(Wikipedia, 2013).

Question 5) Abstract

With this assignment I have found out that I have more question then answers. There are

a lot more to learn and to understand. We covered a lot, like the different types of binary trees,

roots, heap, B-Trees and the nodes. How each one of these plays an important part in the



Wikipedia, (2013). Retrived from, (n.d.). Retrieved from…...

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