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You’re Chosen Career: Game Design___________
Yearly Budget Gross Income Net Income (after taxes) $70,000 $52,500

Housing Yearly Cost
Mortgage or rent 10,980
Maintenance or repairs N/A
Supplies 500
Home Insurance N/A
Furnishings 2,000
Subtotals 13,480

Transportation Yearly Cost
Vehicle Payment 5,124
Bus/Taxi Fare N/A
Automobile Insurance 1000
Licensing 85
Fuel 1200
Maintenance 1000
Other N/A
Subtotals 8409

Food Yearly Cost
Groceries 1500
Dining Out 1000
Subtotals 2500

Pets 1 Yearly Cost
Food 50
Medical 150
Grooming N/A
Toys N/A
Other 200
Subtotals 500

Savings or Investments Yearly Cost
Retirement Account 500
Investment Account 100
Emergency Savings 200
Subtotals 800

Total Yearly Expenses 35449
Difference (net income minus expenses)

Entertainment Yearly Cost
Video/DVD N/A
Vacation 500
Other 200
Subtotals 700

Other Credit Debt Yearly Cost
Student Loan 2000
Credit Card N/A
Credit Card N/A
Other N/A
Subtotals 2000

Utilities Yearly Cost
Phone and/or Cell Phone 540
Cable and Internet N/A
Electric and Gas 1200
Water and Sewer N/A
Waste Removal N/A
Subtotals 1740

Personal Care Yearly Cost
Health Insurance 700
Other Medical Costs 100
Hair/Nails 120
Clothing & Laundry 400
Health Club 300
Organization Dues or Fees N/A
Other N/A
Subtotals 1620

Gifts and Donations Yearly Cost
Holidays and Birthdays 200
Charity Donations N/A
Other N/A
Subtotals 200

Reflecting on this Activity
1. Why is budgeting important to your life?
Budgeting permits you to make a using arrangement for your cash, it guarantees that you will dependably have enough cash for the things you require and the things that are critical to you. Taking after a funding or using arrangement will likewise keep you out of obligation or…...

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