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Jack the Ripper Case Study

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Jack the Ripper Case Study: “From Hell” Film
The Assignment

Gender: Male because females are not that strong to do such damage
Occupation: Butcher or surgeon because of the way that they cut the person
Lifestyle: Pretty high lifestyle because he could have not gotten away with these crimes and have had some connections.
Motivation: He did not like women or prostitues so he went for revenge.
Age: 30-45 the average age of a serial killer
Education: High Education
Personality Type: Quite because if he was the opposite someone would have heard him say something
Family (my choice): He was abused by his mother when he was a little kid so he is getting revenge. Had no family because most serial killers have no remorse and don't car about anyone else than them selves. 2. Rippers identity and motivate presented in the movie are feasible because he a very high person in free the masons so he had some connection, so he got away with the crimes. Everything fit together at the end

3. The social conditions of Whitechaple is that everyone knows everything. When the prostitues are talking about gossip at the beginning of this film. No people still talk gossip.

4. I think prostitutes are the victims because first of all serial killers see them as easy targets because they think that they are “sex machines” which makes a serial killer have little remorse and hesitant. So they think that this “object” does not have friends or family so no one would really miss them or notice that they are gone. Therefor no one would make a sport that they are missing. Second of all they are to get alone because they would do anything for the money, so this serial killer could bring them in to their house and the prostitute wont think anythings going to go on exempt them having sex, so they are an easy…...

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