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The Lord of the Rings The Lord of the Rings is a fantastic film! I can’t help myself watching it again and again.
The film is around a magical ring called the One Ring. It was lost by its maker, Dark Lord Sauron, and was given to a Hobbit boy named Frodo. If Dark Lord found the Ring, he would have the power of enslaving the world. Fighters from all nations (hobbits, elves and dwarves) formed the Fellowship of the Ring. Their aim was to throw the Ring into the magma of Mount of Doom because it was the only way to destroy it. On the way to Mordo, Dark Lord’s Orcs armies attacked them, but the fellowship of the Ring was stronger. Finally, they succeeded in destroying the ring. People were free from the Dark Lord at last.
The film has great visual effect. I was greatly shocked by its bravura scenes such as the icebound mountain, the visionary Lothlorien and the ghastly Kirkwood. The scenes of wars are stirring. I did feel nervous when crowds of ugly Orcs attacked the fellowship of the Ring. The special effect is fantastic, too.
This film not only tells a great adventure, but also images many roles with different characteristics and destinies. Here are some characters which impressed me a lot. The hobbit boy Frodo Baggins was one of the leading roles in the film. He joined the fellowship of the Ring in order to protect his home town from Sauron. As a normal hobbit boy, he wasn’t as strong at all. He was injured several times because he couldn’t protect himself. He could not resist the temptation of the ring either. But in spite of his weakness, he has a brave heart. After knowing the world was in danger, He didn’t hesitate to leave his home and go on a dangerous journey. He also had HYPERLINK "" sense of responsibility. At the Elrond’s meeting, all members were stronger then Frodo. They argued about how to deal with the…...

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