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107A 006 Those Winter Sundays According to “Those Winter Sundays” is about love., which is not only between young lovers like Romeo and Juliet, but also the serious and deep familial love between children and parents. This kind of love is able to get you up at the crack of dawn, even when you are exhausted from a long week of hard working ,which is quiet 、 brave and unselfish. It is not showy, because there are no big hugs and kisses, which means that it can slip by unnoticed easily.
“Sundays too my father got up early and put his clothes on in the blueblack cold, then with cracked hands that ached from labor in the weekday weather made banked fires blaze. No one ever thanked him." According to this part of the essay, his father gets up very early every Sunday morning to light fires in the fireplaces to warm up their home, which reminds us of how a great father's love is. what day is Sunday ? As everyone knows ,it is probably a church day on which everyone should take a rest. It sounds like father never gets to sleep in, his dad is just tuckered out from an intense work week. But, in fact , everyone needs to sleep in once in a while. Then the author tells us how early his father wakes. it’s “blueblack” outside, which means it must be before sunrise. So that is going to be super cold out. Even the word itself feels cold. When I heard “blueblack,” I felt like that I were being thwacked in the face by a cold wind and I think this type to describe how cold it is without coldness is called arousing everyone's synesthesia which is really vivid and imaginative. From the perspective of culture, Parents gave birth to a child ,which means they need to take the responsibility to raise a child, they need to really take care of their child but this doesn't means parents own the child .Parents do all the things for child only because of the love to their child , so no matter what day is today ,no matter how cold is today ,no matter how early is today, they are willing to get over everything to pay all attention on their child, which is what I mentioned before ,the quite 、brave、unselfish love. Connecting with our today's society, a lot people especially young people ,they have no idea what The most worth to cherish is, they are not humble, so that sometimes they think it is other's mission to take care of them ,but is not .Through parents need to take the responsibility ,it doesn't mean the child does not need to take their responsibility .At least , the basic things for the child to learn is to respect their parents ,as soon as they have the ability to take care of their parents , they need to look after their parents well just as they parents did for sure.…...

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