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Customers in Consumer Markets
Customer, Consumer and Buyer
The customer plays the role of buying products or services that they will need to renew later on in their life. This could be a fridge or a car or even furniture. A customer is very similar to a consumer however they only separated by the fact that the customer does not have to re – new their product as soon as a consumer. The consumer buys consumables such as food and cleaning goods that are used around the house; these products need to be renewed more frequently than the products a customer would purchase. A buyer or also known as a purchaser are responsible for buying products or services in bulk loads at a low price in order to make profit when those products are sold on; all of the major supermarkets need to buy as they all need a source of food and other products. All of these groups are needed in the system of business if money is to be made.
Range Rover Discovery
When Range Rover is marketing they take into consideration their business markets. The Range Rover Discovery attracts wealthy families; they do this by showing an image of a family in the car doing family activities such as camping. Another customer type is men. In their adverts they always show a man driving the car, this causes wealthy business men to buy this type of car. The final customer type for this type of car is people who travel a lot for business; Range Rover wrote on their website that with the Range Rover Discovery “every journey is a pleasure”, this statement fits perfectly to the type of person that does a lot of travelling.
Range Rove Evoque
The Range Rover Evoque attracts middle – high class middle aged women, those who like an eco – friendly drive and families and couples. The Range Rover Evoque is convenient for all of their target types as it is very spacious for the families and the couples. Its appearance is…...

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