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Pepsi vs. Coca Cola

Opening statement: Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my partner Julian and I are here today, but only one reason to reassure that Pepsi is better than Coca Cola. Pepsi is the better beverage because it consumes less sodium rather than Coca Cola does. Thank you

Reason 1. The first reason why Pepsi is the better beverage is because of its low sodium recipe. Of course, the first thing many people think of when they here pop is how unhealthy and unbeneficial it is to the human body. So knowing that Coca Cola has 20% more sodium than it does in Pepsi, should reassure you that next time you crack open a can of Pepsi think of how unhealthy it is to drink Coca Cola. You could do a lot worse. * Given facts from the computer, for the many of you who have has the displacing experience of Coca Cola will be able to tell you that Pepsi has a mush sweeter taste, but still the same amount of sugar. This is what Julian and I call “BARGAIN FOR YOUR BUCK.” You see, after you consumed Pepsi, your
Craving for sugar has been decreased, some times the sugar tolerance is different in your body systems. On the other hand, Evan Marshall, also referred as GOCH, made a gross profit of 16.827 B so why is that they are only donating two million to World Wild life Fund over the next 5 years? I can assume that you all have recently seen Evan with a soft drink in one hand and sugar filled candy in the other, but he’s not to blame, Coca Cola is! This is only reason you shouldn’t consume Coca Cola over Pepsi.

Reason 2. That is absolutely nothing considering the company make the most money for all drink corporations in the entire world. Coca Cola simply wants to put their name in a good cause for as long as they can at the lowest price possible! In 2012, Pepsi pledged 20 million to various social media selected projects such as LGBT…...

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