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Jackie Robinson had a hard childhood. His father left one day to go to Memphis to look for a new job and never came home. Being the youngest child Jackie could not help his mom make money like his older brothers and sister but whenever he got the chance to help he did. Since Jackie's mom worked all day and there was no one to stay home with him, Jackie went to school with his older sister Willa Mae. While she was in class he was outside playing in the sandbox. His older brother Mack was the athlete of the family while Jackie was little. He came in second place to Jesse Owens in the Berlin Olympic 200 meter dash. When Jackie grew up he attended his local high school. After breaking many sports records he had many college offers. Jackie decided to go to UCLA so his brother Frank could attend all his games, but a few weeks before Jackie's first college game was played Frank was killed in a motorcycle accident. It took him a long time to recover from that loss.

===================================================================== introduction Most people have seen the movie 42 and probably didn't get all of the information about jackie Robinson or get the truth about Jackie Robinson so im here to tell you the rest or the truth about jackie robinson. And he was a brave man and he

===================================================================== conclusion So based on what Jackie Robinson accomplished for himself and for all black people and based on the fact that Jackie Robinson helped the world grow to become a better place than it had been 60 years before I do, absolutely, believe one person can have an effect on the world.…...

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