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Job Redesign and Workplace

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Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards
Eric R. Taylor
January 26, 2012
Eshanda James

Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards
Working in today's business has positive and negative rewards. People normally focus on the positive rewards. This is the reason why people tend to stay in his or her job for a long period. Rewards can create motivation to people, and it can also cause workplace disparate to the group. Workplace rewards are typically set by the company standards and regulations. One important thing about rewards is it should also come from job positions. Some companies redesigned its job positions to accommodate this type of incentive. Company’s designed lower level position to offer rewards to employees. This makes it easier for upper management to stay neutral in the rewards process. Doing this gives coworkers an opportunity to recognize each other for his or her job performance.
When a company look at ways to motivate his or her employees. The company must focus on job descriptions and responsibilities. Employers need to give power to its employees and trust the decisions made by the employee. At Oshkosh, employee’s job positions revealed little meaning, the reward program was nonexistence, and positions held by employees had no clear goal on how to function in the workplace. With this going on, the company failed in motivating employees. This made the workplace just a place to get a paycheck. Oshkosh needs to redefine job positions and make sure all employees, including management understand the purpose of the positions.
Job Positions
Working at Oshkosh, there was a position called mechanic. This position sounds like a position of authority. The problem with the position, the people had no task connected to it. The position also did not carry much responsibility. The company failed to use this position for what it were intended for. If used…...

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