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Although The Summoning of Everyman is a morality play of a secular’s life, the play presents surprising events in one’s perception of death and is relevant to one’s faith at their time of judgment and therefore serves God’s purposes.

A. Characters:
1. Messenger, God, Death: Scenes I and II
2. Death approaches Everyman, Death forces Everyman to go to his reckoning with God: Scene III
3. Everyman meets Fellowship, Kindred and Cousin, Good: Scenes IV -VI
4. Everyman talks with God, Everyman meets Good Deed, Good Deeds forsake Everyman and Good Deeds gets her sister Knowledge to go on Everyman journey, Knowledge leads Everyman to Confession: Scenes VII - X
5. a. Everyman prays to God and Mary for mercy, Good Deeds rise and walk towards Everyman to accompany on his journey, Everyman clears his reckoning, Everyman calls forth Discretion, Strength, Beauty, and his Five-wits: Scenes XI-XII b. Everyman goes to the Priest and honors the seven Sacraments and receives the sacraments, Beauty, Strength, Discretion, and Five Wits deserts Everyman at the grave, Everyman has an epiphany; he understands he can take nothing with him when he dies, In the company of Knowledge and Good Deeds, Everyman commits his spirit in the hand of the Lord; an angel receives Everyman into Heaven: Scenes XI-XII
6. Relevant Character overview
B. Author’s Perception of Death and the treatment of death 1. Everyman’s journey compared to Man’s journey in real life; Moral Lesson


Douglas Morse is the director of “The Summoning of Everyman.” Everyman is a well known Medieval English morality play on a biblical subject. The play consists of church drama and emotions; such as humor, terror, and sorrow. Everyman gives a spiritual and moral message to its audience concerning one’s journey in life. Everyman speaks…...

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