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Juhayna Food Industries
Earnings Release: Fourth Quarter & Full Year 2011
8 March 2012 (Cairo, Egypt) -Juhayna Food Industries (JUFO.CA), one of the leading dairy, yogurt and juice manufacturers and distributors in Egypt, announced its consolidated results for 4Q2011 and full year 2011 results.

Full Year 2011 * Revenue reached EGP2,2 billion, * Gross profit reached EGP634 million, * EBIT reached EGP285 million, * Net income totaled EGP186 million, * Dairy sales grew 9% y-o-y to EGP1,135 million * Yogurt sales increased 53% y-o-y to EGP614 million * Juice sales grew 10% to EGP421 million * Concentrates sales grew 16% to EGP45 million, * Agriculture sales reached EGP29 million, Fourth Quarter 2011 * Revenue reached EGP576 million, * Gross profit reached EGP154 million, * EBIT reached EGP49 million, * Net income totaled EGP0.2million, * Dairy sales grew 9% y-o-y to EGP315 million, * Yogurt sales increased 32% y-o-y to EGP140 million * Juice sales grew 2% to EGP107 million * Concentrates sales dropped 60% to EGP2 million * Agriculture sales reached EGP11 million 14% increase over 4Q10. 6% increase over 4Q10. 22% drop over 4Q10. 97% drop over 4Q10. with gross margins at 23%. with gross margin at 36%. with gross margins at 25%. with gross margins at 47%. with gross margins at 18%. 21% increase over 2010. 9% increase over 2010. 9% decline over 2010. 19% decline over 2010. with gross margins at 26% With gross margin at 35%. With gross margins at 27%. with gross margins at 15% With gross margins at 35%.

Juhayna Food Industry Fourth Quarter &Full Year 2011 Earnings Release

To Our Shareholders
2011, the year of Arab uprisings, witnessed Egypt’s most peaceful and powerful revolution led by the Egyptians youth, who constitute the real wealth of the Egyptian nation and will eventually lead Egypt’s economic advancement.

Despite the…...

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