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Venue contract/hire contract
This contract for the rental of a venue is made 14/07/2016 between Aria khan ( the owner of the venue) and Omen khan (person who arrange the party)
Whereas, the Renter desires to temporarily hire, and make use of the Owner's venue, located at Dhanmondi and known as ‘Natural beauty’ and Where the Owner and the renter agree this below contract to use this venue.

Title: Hire contract/ venue contract
Name and details of the parties: * Venue / event place: natural beauty * Location: Dhanmondi 4.(near the bus stand) * Event: wedding event * The owner of the venue: Aria khan (01898456372) (House number 2, road 4, mirpur 1, dhaka) * Manager of the venue: Joy khan. (01679033561) (House number 44, road 1, dhanmondi 27, dhaka) * person who arrange the party: Omen khan (01933289713) (House number 23/A, road 9, mothijhil, dhaka)

Subject matter of the contract: our main aim is to provide better and exceptional service to our Clint. Our license number is 7687 which is registered by the city corporation. The main aim of the contract is to build a good relationship with our client without any bad situation
Exact rental beginning and ending time: The Renter shall have access to and use of the venue on 08/08/2016 from 7 pm to 11 pm for the purpose of the Renter's wedding event. Owner shall provide to Renter all keys, access control codes, and other items

Parking & Transportation: There is ample space for parking for all guests. Guests will be directed to park at the parking space of event place. After fill up the main parking space guests will be directed to park in the main visitor parking lot.…...

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