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There are many signs that you may recognize if you or someone you love is actually addicted to the computer. Although there is no real physical dependence that can evolve from the excessive usage of computers, there are a number of emotional or psychological issues that can be present. Paying attention to the possible signs of computer addiction will help you to recognize these signs early on and get help if necessary.
Look out for these signs of computer addiction:

preoccupation with the computer either online or offline feeling a burning desire to go online or to use the computer to play a game, to socialize or to develop programming codes spending time on the computer despite family functions taking place, special events or other activities that you were once happy to be a part of performing actions on the computer that are outside the realm of what your original plans were such as shopping online when you should be working or playing a game when you should be doing homework telling lies to your family about the activities that you perform while on the computer, such as saying that you are working on homework when you are actually playing a game having anxious feelings when you want to use the computer, know you will be able to use the computer or know that your use of the computer will be limited mood swings or irritability when you are not allowed to spend as much time on the computer as you would like to or if your computer time is interrupted telling yourself that you will get off the computer at a certain time and then spending more time than you committed any use of the computer as an escape from your feelings…...

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