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Analysis and Interpretation of Data Assignment
Alcohol Portrayal on Television Affects Actual Drinking Behavio

Analysis and Interpretation of Data Assignment

Provide the hypothesis and predictions for your study: According to Engels et al. (2009) from the Journal Alcohol and Alcoholism state their hypothesis and the prediction as “Alcohol portrayal in movies and commercials is generally positive and might stimulate young people to drink”. The hypothesis and the prediction are in the abstract of the paper. If young people watch movies that are alcohol related or that promote alcohol consumption will be like to get into the habit of intake more alcohol. In the prediction it stated that ‘it might stimulate young people to drink’. Therefore, in the introduction Engels et al. (2009)also show the hypothesis in the first paragraph as “ whether or not alcohol portrayals and advertising have a causal effect on drinking behavior”, and the prediction in the third paragraph of the introduction as “however, exposure to alcohol on television may have direct effects on consumption”. It was a clever move to have written the hypothesis and the prediction apart in the introduction which keeps the reader will busy looking for the prediction in the introduction. Summarize the experimental design (i.e. how are they testing the hypothesis)?
The sample was widely represented eighty (80) young men from the university, who were in the age bracket of 18 to 29 years old. The participants were sign up by handing out flyers to them and some of them were requested to participate then bring in a male friend.
The experiment was designed that forty couples were randomly assigned to one of the four different movie conditions. Which bring about twenty young men in each situation. The four movie situations were, (1) alcoholic movie with…...

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