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We Will Not Be Silenced “America preaches integration and practices segregation.” – Malcolm X. Similar to the oppression of colored people in the 50’s, black youths in Northern United States fear for their lives daily. Tensions between armed forces and black youths have risen significantly due to the excessive force police officers inflict on people of color. Prevailing racism and police brutality has been brought to light through the events happening in Ferguson. New officers should be thoroughly trained and inspected to ensure our country continues to advance forward socially, and stops the oppression of one group. Eric Garner was a father, a husband, a son, and a black man at the wrong place at the wrong time. While standing outside a convenience store, a NYPD officer believed Garner was selling untaxed cigarettes, and put Garner into an illegal chokehold. Garner repeatedly told the police officer that he “can’t breathe”, but the officer refused to let Garner go. After Garner fell unconscious, the group of NYPD officers took several minutes to call for medical help, and did not perform CPR. It is later reported that Eric Garner’s death was in fact a homicide, an unlawful killing of one person by another. Although there is an abundance of evidence, including a viral video of the incident, proving the officer used malice intent when handling Eric Garner, the court ruled he is not guilty. The bystander who happened to catch Garner’s death on tape was sentenced to time in prison. All logical explanations point to the NYPD officer for being responsible for Garner’s death for using an illegal method no longer practiced by the armed forces, yet no justice was served. Tamir Rice was only a child when his life was taken away from him. As a normal 12 year old boy, Rice was indulging in child’s play with a BB gun. Several people called the police station stating…...

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