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Keep the New Plant Union-Free and Competitive?

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HRM 703

Week 1 Overview:

Upon completion of this week, you will be able to:

1. Discuss the employment relationship between workers and the company. 2. Discuss how employers can exist without unions but unions cannot exist without employers. 3. Identify reasons why workers unionize. 4. Discuss why unionization is declining in the United States. 5. Analyze the difference between the public sector labor relations and private business.

Introduction to this week's topics:

Labor relations is the set of processes and activities unions and employers develop and use to clarify, manage, reduce, and resolve conflicts between employees and their representatives while accommodating the various goals of each. The practice of labor relations is governed by contracts negotiated by and agreed to by both parties. Contracts are renegotiated periodically to take into account changing goals and objectives of both parties and changes in the economy and society. Within larger employers that operate several establishments, labor relations will differ depending on what is produced in each establishment and whether different unions represent employees in different establishments.
Employers would like complete freedom to alter the terms and conditions of employment in their workplaces, as necessary, to maximize returns on investments and achieve organizational goals. While labor is somewhat mobile, with workers able to move between employers as opportunities occur, it is less mobile than financial capital. They would like to reduce the risks associated with employment - particularly the risk that their employers will radically change the terms and conditions of employment.
Unionization offers employees a method they can use to counter employers’ powers to unilaterally change employment conditions. It is, to an extent, the corollary of incorporation.…...

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