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Evaluation on pasta
When I cooked my pasta I forgot some of my ingredients therefore I had to use my initiative and cooked it the way that I thought would be best to complement all the ingredients that I had brought with me in the end it all turned out alright this is reflected in the star profiles of when other people tasted it. Next time I cook it I might add either tuna or meatballs this will enhance the flavours and also give it more depth taste wise. When I was presenting my pasta I put them in the middle of my plate and arranged them so that they were in a square in the middle, after that I got a piece of tissue and wiped the edges of the plate where there was some sauce. I did this so that my dish looked professional and more appealing to the eye. In the lesson I had set my self a time frame so that I would have enough time to clean the dishes. My time frame was thirty minutes which I abided by and ended up finishing 15 minutes early which was a strength because I got more time to finish cleaning up my area. The recipe was easy to follow because the steps were clear and easy to read this is because the language used in the text was not too formal. When other people tasted my food they complemented me on the use of Italian herbs, I got no criticism, which I was pleased with. I would say that some of my strengths were that I used my initiative and used the ingredients that I had and I did not let forgetting some of the ingredients affect the final product (pasta dish). A weakness would be the fact that I forgot some of the ingredients. Next time id o my dish I will look to improve my preparation making sure that I do not forget any ingredients. taste | 5 | 5 | Appearance | 4 | 4 | Texture | 5 | 4 | smell | 5 | 5 | This is my star profile where people scored out of 5 on how my food tasted, looked, smelled and the texture. The first one was done by Leon and the second by vikram. The sensory analysis chart shows that overall the people who tasted my food gave good feedback and it also shows that the only thing that they marked me down on was the appearance which I received fours from both Leon and vikram and also that vikram marked me down on the texture of my pasta this is because he said that it wasn’t the way he would have liked it cooked and that he would have preferred it to be a bit softer.

Evaluation on egg fried rice

When I cooked my egg fried rice everything was prepared well therefore when I was cooking nothing went wrong. The only thing that I did not use was the prawns this is because I thought that they would over power the taste of the egg fried rice. One thing that I would do differently next time would be to add chicken which would add more flavour and texture to the dish. I found the recipe easy to follow this is because it had been laid out in a bullet point format which meant that I could read the entire step without any difficulties. When other people tasted my dish the only criticisms they had was that they would have like more egg. When I was preparing my dish I set my self a time frame which was there to make sure that I had left myself some time to clean up after myself. My time frame was 20 minutes in the end I finished in 15 minutes which was 5 minutes earlier than I had anticipated. When I tasted the dish the aromatic oriental spices stood out and really gave great depth to the taste. The planning for the dish was good this is because I kept my self organised therefore I knew what I had to be doing at all times. Some of the strengths and weaknesses that I had were: I used my own blend of oriental spices to add to the flavour because if I had only used salt like the way that the method was instructing me then my dish would have been tasteless and bland. A weakness was that even though by adding my own spices the flavour was enhanced it also means that I did not follow one of the instructions that I had been given in the method.

This is my star profile where people scored out of 5 on how my food tasted, looked, smelled and the texture. The first one was done by Leon and the second by vikram. The sensory analysis chart shows that I was only marked down on my texture by both taster’s vikram and Leon. They both said that the rice would have been better if it had been cooked for a couple minutes so that it could be fluffier. Overall the sensory analysis chart shows that the tasters enjoyed my food because they both only picked out one thing.

Appearance | 5 | 5 | Taste | 4 | 4 | Texture | 5 | 5 | Smell | 5 | 5 |

Evaluation on nutella crepes

When I cooked my nutella crepes everything went the way that I had planned the only thing that I would have done differently would be to have changed the amount of batter that I pout in the pan so that the crepes would turn out thinner. When I was presenting my crepes I stacked some without nutella spread and on the top I folded two crepes which did have nutella spread on this was so that the dish could also be interactive meaning that people could spread the amount of nutella spread that they wanted. When people tasted my crepes I got good feedback the only piece of criticisms that I received was that some of the crepes were too thick therefore next time I will adjust the amount of batter in the pan so that they can be the thinner. I think that I did well when I was cooking the crepes because I managed my time well by following the instructions and being efficient when preparing my mixture for the crepes. I was really organised when I was cooking because I had accurately prepared all of my food items. I would say that some of my strengths and weaknesses were that: even though one or two of my crepes were too thick, the majority of them were thin the way crêpes are meant to be. A weakness is that my first two crepes were too thick but I see this as a mistake that I can learn from so next time I cook crepes I will learn from my mistake by not putting too much batter into the pan. Also next time I cook the crepes I could flambé them which would add more depth and taste to the crepes.

This is my star profile where people scored out of 5 on how my food tasted, looked, smelled and the texture. The first one was done by Leon and the second by vikram. The sensory analysis chart shows that they tasters thought that my crepes were good and that their only criticisms were that some of the crepes were too thick and they advised me to use less batter when cooking each crepe next time I prepare this dish. The tasters marked me down by 1 on my texture and vikram marked me down by one on the taste of the actual crepe it self and he said that he would have liked the crepe itself to be a bit sweeter so that it could contrast the flavour of the nutella. Appearance | 5 | 5 | Taste | 5 | 4 | Texture | 4 | 4 | Smell | 5 | 5 |

Name | M.C. Donald’s55a Radcliffe road west bridge ford Nottingham ng2 5fx | Clifton cob shopNg11 Clifton Nottingham | Greggs lister gate 6-8 ng1 7dd Nottingham | The Nottingham Emmanuel school Gresham park road west bridge ford ng2 7yf | Type | Take away fast food | Snack shop local to Clifton | Bakers and sandwich shop | School and provider of lunch especially free school meals | Level of service | Counter service for all foods but a cleaner cleans up the tables after use. | Over counter service. It also provides a freshly mad sandwich service. | Over the counter service with some waiter service in some branches. | Over counter service with cleaning staff To help with tidying up dinner time mess and also toilets | Products | Selling take away foods these include burgers, chips, chicken nuggets, salads and soft fizzy drinks. They also serve coffee and tea. Most mc Donald’s menus vary depending on the country. | They sell sandwiches and drinks. | Breads, cakes, sandwiches and hot and cold drinks. | School meals range from pizza station, salad bar and hot and cold meals. | Any other information | They have recently tried to move away from the original unhealthy foods to try and keep in line with the government’s healthy eating policies. | The business only provides for people who get their foods to taker out as they do not have any seating in their shop. | Greggs also provides refreshments which they buy from other companies such as coca cola and fruit shoot. | This is a school which provide the students staff and sometimes visitors with a healthy meal and a good service in general |


Name | Barclays | Transport national express | Nottingham city council | Ticket line | Type of support | Financial services and business advice | Transport services | cleaningand waste | Providing tickets for customers . | What the do to support hospitality industries. | Barclays help hospitality industries by offering those loans and credit which can help the businesses to pay staff or buy new equipment that may be needed. Barclays also offer their advice to new businesses and people who are In the process of developing their own business the advice can vary depending on the business for a hospitality business Barclays may advice them where to set up there business so that they would not have a lot of competition. | National express helps industries in the hospitality industry because it helps their customers to get to the places quickly. For example if some one has reservations ate a restaurant national express is one of the many transport services that can get you there on time. Another example is that a customer may need to get to a hospital and may need to get on a plane, bus or taxi there fore it is good to have transport links. | The Nottingham city council helps the hospitality industry by assisting them in cleaning for example the council takes their waste away and also provides cleaners for the for example some restaurants are given window cleaners by the council. This helps the business because by doing this it keeps customers coming because they are clean. | Ticket line helps get tickets for venues that are being held by businesses In the hospitality business. Ticket line is involved in helping businesses such as catering companies which can be working at festivals such as Glastonbury. they advertise the tickets on their website and then charge a price so that they themselves can also make money out of it. | Any other information. | Banks can also be forced to charge a business which is going into financial difficulties this is because Barclays would not want to lose money that they have loaned a business. | National express is a plc. (public limited sector). Meaning that you can buy shares on the London exchange market because it is open to the public. | Nottingham city council is being used by more businesses I the hospitality industry in Nottingham due to the good service that they offer. | Ticket line unlike most ticket agencies is not very expensive and it is mainly for people who have a lot of time on their hand and are looking for something to do. |…...

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