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Early in the morning 6:30 am at Mr Omolos house (birds chapping sound)

Mr. Omolo in the kitchen : Preparing a cup of tea

Philo (smiling) : Honey you dint tell me you needed this prepared. It seems you have forgotten what my duties are in this house.

(Pecking him) Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful night.

Mr Omolo : Of course my dear

Philo (carrying) : it’s almost time. I am sure there is a new way forward concerning our Sacco.

Mr. Omolo (switching on the TV) (helplessly): Oh God! Let us just find a way out as soon as possible. I am tired!

Philo : the news briefing is almost through and there is no hint yet

Mr. Omolo( receiving call from Pewa) : good morning Mr Pewa…………yes yes yes!

Am equally anxious to know about Huduma’s fate……..which one? Okay (hangs up)

Philo a report has been published on people daily newspaper we have to get the details now.

Mr Omolo (banging at tony door): Tony Tony! Hey Tony! Get up right now.

Tony (stretching lazily)-sound : mmmmh, yees, I’m coming

Mr Omolo (clicks) : Tony is this how you will run your business? I really pity you

Fred (carrying bread and : hey dad watsup!

3 newspapers)

Mr Omolo : Fred I thought you were still asleep are you feeling better

Fred : yes dad ma temperatures are okay today.

Hunger strike me in the night I have had buy bread to take with my favorite soup. Greeting from Jose he’s given me 3 papers.

Mr Omolo : Thank you my son. let me have a` look at them.

Mr. Omolo (quickly hipping : Philo! Philo! Here is the report


Mr. Omolo and Philo : Reading through the report quickly

Philo : How dare they? What meeting do they want with you? No honey don’t give in I beg

Mr Omolo : Cool down Philo, everything will be alright. All my workers are…...

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