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Kinder Joy Eggs

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There are many benefits when purchasing Kinder Joy Eggs. The first major benefit is that consumer can enjoy crispy chocolate. Additionally, surprised toys that comes with Kinder JOY are the second benefit that young consumer should feel interested in. Kinder JOY is not only an special chocolate which contains rich in milk and hazelnuts but this product is also made without artificial colours and preservatives so it is healthy and safe for consumers.
Once purchasing Kinder JOY, consumer will get a random surprised toy which is colorful and attractive. Toys is packed into a half of the egg and comes with a instruction paper which makes the toy become more interesting. Moreover, Kinder Joy's chocolate candies come in only one model and taste the same all around the world which have creamy chocolate and toys set separately in two parts of the egg. However, toys that come with Kinder Joy is usually updated according to market trends. These Kinder Joy Eggs are sold through retail distribution channels so most Kinder Joy's customers are who use direct products and non-business purpose. In addition, the products contain chocolate with toys so not many adults would be likely to purchase a piece of chocolate and get free small unsuitable toys for their age. As a result, most customers of Kinder Joy are children or the parents buying it for their children.
If the consumers can not find Kinder Joy, they can still buy substitute products ,such as: OZO chocolate. Kinder Joy Eggs which is one of the first chocolate products which come with special toys for children were produced for the first time in Greece in 2008 (Thore 2008). Moreover, Kinder Joy is also one of the famous Ferrero company's strategic product that chocolate recipe is especially suitable to the taste of consumers and toys are safety for children. Today, the packaging of a product is not only used to…...

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