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Questions for Lab Activity 2.1 ________________________________________________________________________

Part I

1. Consider each of the three objects described in the next section. First, describe how that object has been scaled or adapted compared with the object or surface for able-bodied users.
Movable Step: The step acts as a halfway point so the person using it doesn’t have to lift their legs up so high to get over the regular step. The step adds more stability to the person and the non-slip coating prevents slipping and adds to balance.
Vertical Tracks: This object allows people who may not be strong enough to grip the lid of the jar to open it. The tracks provide a stronger grip to the jar and it becomes easier to open.
Round Scoop Dish: The back of the dish is higher than the rest of the dish to prevent food from spilling off the plate. If someone who can’t eat independently used a dish without the back food might fall off.

2. Describe how the object might be used and for what types of disabilities. That is, what action does the object afford a user that a regular object or surface would not afford someone with a certain disability?
Moveable Step: The step can be used for the elderly who do not have as much flexibility and are not as stable on their feet. It aids them in their range of motion by acting as a halfway point and a shorter distance over a step.
Vertical Tracks: This can aid elderly people as well as people who may have suffered a stroke. This can also aid people with limited motor control. It helps them to get a stronger grip on the jar so they can open it.
Round Scoop Dish: This design can help people, who may have lost an arm or have limited motor control, eat more independently. The tall back of the dish prevents food from spilling.


1. The first object is a movable step only 3 in. high. It is covered with a slip-resistant rubber mat and can be placed in front of the doorway to one’s house.

2. The second object consists of two vertical tracks (walls) attached to a nonslip base. The tracks are positioned to form a V so that jars of different sizes can be wedged between the tracks that hold the lid securely.

3. The last object, called a round scoop dish, is a plastic dish with a regular rim in the front. The rim on the sides gets gradually higher until it is several inches high on the back of the dish and slightly curves back over the dish.

Part II

1. Identify two other pieces of equipment that afford someone with a disability an action otherwise not possible. You might list equipment used by someone you know who has a disability, or you can search the Internet using the term adaptive equipment. Shower Chairs Patient Lifts

2. Describe how each object or surface is body scaled or adapted.
The shower chair allows someone to sit down, if they can’t stand, and take a shower. It has wheels so you can easily move them to the shower.
The patient lift aids people who are not strong enough to get into bed on their own. It wraps around the person and lifts them into bed.

3. Describe how each object might be used and what types of disabilities it is meant to address. Shower Chair: I used this a lot when I worked with kids that have Muscular dystrophy. They can’t do anything on their own so you pick them up and put them in the chair to give them a shower. Patient lift: This can be used for heavier people that you can’t pick up and put into bed. It can be used for someone who is paralyzed or has a muscular disease.

Final Question

How does the notion of scaling or adapting objects and surfaces to afford certain actions fit into the perception-action approach or perspective?
The perception-action approach involves the changing relationship between habitats. The purpose for adapting an object is to aid the person so that they are able to complete everyday tasks independently or just to make it a little easier for them.…...

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