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It is very important for Cadbury to manage their physical resources in order to keep the company functioning. Physical resources are used in day to day running of the business, and without them, the business would be much less efficient. The managers of Cadbury are responsible for monitoring the equipment and checking the premise regularly to make sure everything is in good working order. It is also normally down to the manage to ensure all new staff have the correct training on how to operate the machines and equipment for their own safety and for the benefit of the machines. If all staff are trained to use all machinery there is less likely to be any accidents or breakage of the equipment which would cost the company money in repairs. Employees also work less efficiently with the machinery if they have not received proper training and are not comfortable using it. Cadbury have to make sure the physical resources in their outlet stores are appealing to their customers. If their shops look modern and inviting they will attract more customers. However, if the shop is unclean and badly kept, they will lose customers and business. Cleaning equipment in the factories and shops also has to be checked regularly, however machines such as hoovers do not last for ever so they have to be replaced when they no longer work efficiently. The manager in charge of the delivery part of Cadbury has to make sure all vehicles are up to date with MOT’s to make sure they still work properly. If this is not managed properly and vehicles break down, the products do not get delivered on time and the company loses…...

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