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Both “Knocking” by Rick Hautala and “The Road Virus Heads North” by Stephen King are masterfully crafted horror stories that lead readers on a psychological rollercoaster. The authors are able to generate such a detailed and in-depth atmosphere that it causes readers to picture themselves in the terrifying situations that they have devised for those reading. Through the evolution of “monsters”, point-of-view and atmospheric conditions which help to create a mood that engulfs readers both King and Hautala are able to write brilliant horror stories.
“Monsters” do not have to be literal to create an enjoyable piece of horror fiction. King and Hautala are both able to create thrilling stories by utilizing fear of the unknown and exploiting the reader’s own fear. In “Knocking” Martin Gordon has become overcome by his fear of the unknown and can’t leave his house. The “monster” created by Hautala exists only in Gordon’s head and it is the fear that something could possibly be out there waiting to get him. “His eyes felt like they were bugging from their sockets as he watched…and waited…wishing that the knocking would stop and the person would go away and leave him alone.” At this point I knew that the monster was psychological because without any proof that anyone is there Gordon becomes convinced that someone out to get him and won’t think logically about what else it could be. It seemed to me like Gordon wouldn’t allow it to be anything else. Fear the “monster” has crept into Gordon’s head which completely cripples him even though it isn’t physically there.
“The Road Virus Heads North” like “Knocking” has a psychological “monster” rather than a physical one. As he heads home he becomes overwhelmed at the thought the picture could be alive and fear begins to creep in his head. “Don’t be stupid, he told himself. All you hear is the shower. The rest is only imagination.…...

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