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Review Questions Chapter 3
1. What is a virtual tape system and what is it used for?
Virtual tape: a storage device for less frequently needed data so that it appears to be stored entirely on tape cartridges, although some parts of it might actually be located on faster hard disks. Virtual tap can be used with a sophisticated storage-management system that moves data to slower but less costly forms of storage media as people use the data less often.
2. How does the role of primary storage differ from secondary storage? - Primary storage: the part of the computer that holds program instructions and data.
- Secondary storage: devices that store large amounts of data, instructions, and information more permanently than allowed with main memory.
3. Identify and briefly discuss the fundamental characteristic that distinguishes RAM from ROM memory. RAM differs from ROM memory by that RAM is a volatile storage devices but ROM is a nonvolatile form of memory.
4. What is RFID technology? Identify three practical uses for this technology. -RFID technology: a technology that employs a microchip with an antenna to broadcast its unique identifier and location to receivers.
5. What is a fuel cell? What advantages do fuel cells offer over batteries for use in
Portable electronic devices? Do they have any disadvantages? Fuel cell: is a device that converts the chemical energy from a fuel into electricity through a chemical reaction with oxygen or another oxidizing agent.
The advantages do fuel cells offers over batteries for uses in Portable electronic devices are: * Steam reforming of gaseous hydrocarbons is seen as a potential way to provide fuel for fuel cells. The basic idea for vehicle on-board reforming is that for example a methanol tank and a steam reforming unit would replace the bulky pressurized hydrogen tanks that would otherwise be…...

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