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The Kroger Company has been around since 1883, it was found by Bernard H. Kroger in Cincinnati Ohio (Kroger Company, 1999). The Kroger Company business ownership is a corporation with shareholders. As of September 2014, Kroger has 2,630 grocery stores, 785 convenience stores, 1,271 fuel centers, 37 food processing/ manufacturing facilities, 2,109 pharmacies, and 324 fine jewelry stores (2014). Kroger’s goal for the company is to “Provide customers with great products at good prices and shopping experience that makes them want to return” (2014). As stated above, Kroger does offer various services and products, varying by state and location. A few other services that I did not mention include wireless, video, and bill pay (2014). The ethics they live by are “Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Diversity, Safety, and Inclusion”, which can be found not only online but their personal handbook (2014). Kroger can be found online on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and their personal website (2014). I was unable to find any specific information about the organization being ethical or unethical when it comes to the internet and social media sites. With that being said, I can only assume that everything they are practicing is ethical since I was unable to find any negative information about it. Kroger best fits in business services functional area because they are providing various services (groceries, jewelry, fuel, etc.).

Resources Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History. (1999). Kroger Company. P. 549-551. ISBN: 9780-78767768. The Kroger Company. (2014).…...

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