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Tale Ganbarov Intelligence and Instinct of Animals Animals have intelligence and instinct, but it depends on them. They live in mountains, forests, and valleys where they need mind for living and production of food. They perceive conditions of life where they need intelligence for survival. Rats, elephants, chimpanzees, dogs, cats, crows, pigs, proteins, and octopuses are the smartest animals in the world who have mind. They are candidates who can feel and think as people. Animals have intelligence because of some main reasons which are very amazing. Animals have capacity to use tools and understand people`s feelings. For example, chimpanzee use stick for hunting and measurement of depth of river, therefore, these actions remind people who do the same things. Using tools is very helpful for animals who use them every day because of need. They can protect themselves with this tools which can help them. For example, monkeys can throw stones at enemies. Furthermore, animals can understand people`s feelings and needs, so they can help and soothe people. They always can be helpful for their owners, for example, dog can find keys or phones when man cannot find them. In addition, animals can please children intentionally when they are sad.
Finally, animals use tools as people and perceive feelings of people. Memory, consciousness, and mathematical ability is index of intelligence of animals. They have good memory which is more better than people`s. For example, dog can recognize man after many years, so this memory can be helpful in many circumstances. For example, dog can recognize criminal who commit crime. Moreover, animals have consciousness; for example, chimpanzee can recognize himself

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