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Lab 10 Assessment Worksheet

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1. Why is it important to run the MBSA?
It is important to run to check current settings that are insecure.

2. What does an MBSA analysis look for?
The analysis looks for any available security updates that can be downloaded.

3. How can MBSA be executed?
Via its GUI in the program panel or you can use the command line tool.

4. Does the system that is being scanned need to have access to the internet for the scan to be successful?
Yes it does need to have access to the internet for the scan to be successful.

5. In what formats can the scan results be viewed?
If you are running the tool from the GUI you can view them in there right after the scans. If you run it from the command line you can view it in the text file.

6. Could you scan one computer at a time or could you perform multiple scans at a time?
Each computer can only be scanned at a time.

7. What portion of the scan takes longer? Is it necessary to perform this scan every time?
Full scan. No, but you should run a full scan periodically.

8. Are the scans saved locally, and if so where?
Yes, C:\users\username\SecurityScans folder

9. Could you exclude patches to be scanned for?

10. Which are some of the major recommendations that you would provide to secure any Windows system?
Harden the operating system FIRST; install only the necessary services; use server roles when possible; SCW to apply least privilege principle to applications; remove or disable unneeded services, user accounts and extra application components; only open the minimum required ports at the firewall; define unique user accounts; user strong authentication; use encrypted connections for all communications; encrypt file, folders and volumes that contain private data; develop and maintain a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP); disable any server…...

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