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LAB TECH JOB ANALYSIS WORKSHEET TASK | COMPETENCIES | Conduct chemical and physical tests on materials (solids, liquids, gases) | A I J M O V aa cc ff | | | Analyze test results from all of the different tests conducted | A D I M O V aa cc ee | | | Set up laboratory equipment and instrumentation | A I M O V aa cc ff | | | Test various consumer products (food, drugs, chemicals, etc.) | A I J M O V aa cc | | | Prepare chemical solutions for use in processing materials | A I J M O V aa cc ff | | | Test various raw materials and substances (ore, gases, soil, etc.) | A I J M O V aa cc | | | Test radioactive and biological materials | A I J M O V aa cc ff |

1. Which of the lab tech’s tasks are the most critical? Here critical means that if you couldn’t do that task, you couldn’t perform that job acceptably.
The lab tech must be able to properly conduct scientific tests and analyze the results. The lab tech must also have a working knowledge of scientific principles and chemistry. They need to know how to set up a wide variety of laboratory equipment and accurately document their research findings.

2. Which of the competencies are most frequently linked to all the tasks?
Attention to detail (A)
Dependability (I)
Follow Written Directions (M)
Integrity (O)
Needs little supervision (V)
Complex Problem Sensitivity (aa)
Quality Checking (cc)

3. Which of the competencies are most frequently linked to the critical tasks?
Computer Familiarity (D)
Science (J)
Reading tables, charts and graphs (ee)
Safety (ff)

4. If you were going to hire someone for this lab tech job, which competencies would you want to have assessed? How should they be assessed?

Science – The applicant can be interviewed to get an understanding of their level of scientific knowledge. Questions should be centered around the…...

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