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Labor Dispute

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Research Journal on Labour Dispute

Lecturer: Dr. Charles Wang
Student: Eliza Fidelia Lim
Student ID: 16363579


This research journal is focusing in the increasing number of labour dispute today, especially in labour strike, this research journal will provide 6 different news articles in regards of labor strike in different countries in Asia Pacific region including that of South Korea, China, India , and one from the western country, United States. The relation of the topic and the literature will further be explained in the later part of this research journal, analysis, solution, and recommendation will be stated in each article and combined together in conclusion.

Literature Review

Labour dispute can be related to theories of comparative industrial relation such as the impact on international labour standards, development and changes in unionism, collective and individual bargaining, and worker empowerment and conflict management.

Impact on International Labour Standards (ILO), development and changes in unionism

In order for collective bargaining to be successful, there are several conditions that needs to be fulfilled, there must be a freedom for both workers and employee to form their own associations to represent their interests, and stability of union must be maintained in order for collective bargaining to be effective, and for union to be able to honor the agreement. Thirdly, employer must recognize the presence of union, after recognition of union; collective bargaining then can be made (Anita Chan, 2002; David M. Trubek, 1997).

Worker Empowerment and Conflict Management

There are three union models according to Hyman 2001, market oriented unions where economic actors are in pursue of economic goals, class-oriented unions…...

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