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THE MICROSCOPE Much of the laboratory work in General Botany I involves the study of minute structures which are invisible of poorly seen with the naked eye. This requires the use of the microscope, the primary purpose of which is to magnify or greatly enlarge the image of the objects or organisms so their detailed structures may be studied. For our purposes, the monocular compound microscope will be used. It is an optical instrument with two lens systems: the objectives and the eyepiece or ocular. It can magnify an image up to several hundred times the actual size of an object. For effective use and proper care of the microscope, one must become familiar with its construction, parts and uses. There are three sets of parts: namely, the mechanical, illuminating, and magnifying parts. A. Mechanical Parts 1. Base- the U-shaped structure on which the microscope firmly rests in the place.
2. Pillar- the post of vertical extension of the base and to which the arm is attached.
3. Arm- the curve structure that connects the base and the body tube which serves as the handle of the microscope and at the same time supports the optical instrument.
4. Inclination joint- a movable hinge that attaches the frame of the microscope to the base and is used for tilting the microscope whenever necessary.
5. Stage- the platform upon which the slide containing the specimen to be studied is placed and is provided with a central opening allowing light to pass from below into the object of study.
6. Substage- found below the stage and holds the Abbe condenser above and the iris diaphragm below.
7. Body tube- a hollow cylinder that serves as attachment of the draw tube into the microscope as well as passage way of light from the objective to the ocular.
8. Draw tube- the smaller cylinder that is attached to the upper part of the body tube and…...

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