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I noticed that there are four black cars parked near the Eiffel Tower, in my curiosity, I asked Theo about it. “Umm, Theo.” I shouted but not too loud.
“Yes, what?” he replied raising his right eyebrow.
“About the ca-r...” I pointed where the car are.
“Leave it there, they’re waiting for us,” he interrupted and pat my back. “Just wait,” he added as he put his two fingers in his mouth to whistle.

Everyone shut up and all of their attentions are on Theo. “Guys and ladies, hmm,” he fix his bow tie as he clean his throat, “After this we’ll be going to our resort and continue this to there,” he announced as he held my hands. I’m still shaking. What will happen next? We walked going to the parked cars so I pull Carly harshly from the ground. “Carly?” I raise my eyebrows and look intensely in her eyes.
“I don’t know, he didn’t tell me this, trust me he’ll do well,” she whispered. Huh! Why does Theo like surprises? He holds my hand tight as if he’ll never let go of it so is Carly’s hand.
“After you ladies,” Theo pleased as he open the door. He’s a gentleman. I fake a smile to show I’m not nervous but ugh!
“Thanks Thee-…,” Carly said in a sweet and seductive voice.
“Come here!” I interrupted pulling her hands. Theo just smirked then I noticed his smoldering blue eyes and perfectly- chiseled jaw line and cheekbone flares. He’s hot; it’s getting hot in here. A guy dressed in a khaki trench coat paired with black jeans closed the door and he’s also the driver. He started the engine so I try to turn my head if the people are following us then Theo put his hand on my right shoulder. “They’re following us, don’t worry.” He said in a raspy voice which make him more an ideal guy. “Okay!” I replied and fake a smile again. Geez! Why I’m nervous! Carly is with me. I breathe heavily to calm myself.

“A little gawk guys! You two should be here and I’ll sit beside Mr.…...

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