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Presence of Mutualism between Leaders and Followers
Robert.E.Kelly in his article of “Praise the Followers” defines effective leadership practices. It is obvious from the working cycle of many companies that lack of leadership and absence of coordination between the employees is the bone of contention in achieving the goal of the organization.
According to the Kelly, for a successful business there is a need of the leader that can able to rejuvenate the leadership practices and ability to take the initiative in the face of uncertainty present in the environment. There is no doubt that effective leadership passion for bringing best for the business urge the company to search for the good leaders.
However, along with the leader there is a need of followers. Is it possible that Napoleon can achieve its ambitions without the dedication and help of their followers? Kelly laid stress upon the importance of the leader as well as the followers through which the dream can come true.
The theme of the whole article is all about encouraging the followers to follow their leaders in order done to bring profitability, goodwill and success in the organization. I think that corporate management and their subordinates cannot able depict the picture of good leaders. So it also possible that followers cannot effective grasp the whole idea perceive by the leaders. Some of the people possess lower ability and effectiveness in the presence of strict rules and regulations. So, there is a need to look over this issue and find out practical outcomes that can prove to be fortified the objective of the organization as well as employees.
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